Answer: Shooting… in Korea. The picture above was put up by the Korean Archery Association on their Facebook page today, as the ranking round took place in Shanghai.

Many people have noticed the absence of a Korean recurve team at the current Shanghai World Cup stage – although they have sent a compound squad.  I guess it’s ‘our’ equivalent of Brazil or Germany deciding to skip the football World Cup. Meh, we’ll sit this one out. These are the facts: The dates of the Shanghai and Medellin stages were moved at the end of last year, and the KAA had already arranged this week to be their selection shoot for the upcoming Asian Games. The above eight got picked today. Stick your money on them now. (There is compound archery in the Asian Games as well this year, but I guess they are picking that team some other time.)

The Korean team frequently skip one or more stages of the World Cup, presumably because they are sure they can get enough points for the grand final in two competitions. Apparently this year they will be in Medellin and Antalya, but not Wroclaw, because this year the Wroclaw date clashes with a national shoot in Korea. Clearly, they can’t be bothered with these tuppenny-hapenny international tournaments when there’s serious work to be done at home. It’s a wonderfully intransigent statement to the archery world. “You fit round us, we don’t fit round you.” It’s also a shame for the spectators, because it doesn’t help the sporting spectacle when the biggest dog in the fight doesn’t show up.

I do like the exclamation-mark-riddled way Chrome has translated the KAA Facebook page below. Seems to sum the above up pretty well:





end of an era

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Alison Williamson MBE
, six-times Olympian, Olympic bronze medallist in 2004, and twice Commonwealth Games silver medallist, has retired. There will be no seventh Olympics. More here. Listen to her interview on BBC Radio Stoke below. It’s a good reminder of just how difficult it is to stay at the top in professional archery:



Slightly peculiar interview with Khatuna Lorig at Women’s Fitness website. Strange layout, wonky translation, couple of very odd questions, but there’s some interesting bits. Have a read:

Khatuna Lorig: No.1 Women Archer in US Reveals her Success Mantra

Ms. Namita Nayyar: You have glowing skin and gorgeous hairs. Do you take some kind of skin treatment to keep it young and glowing and secondly what you do to your hairs to make them look so stunning?

Ms. Khatuna Lorig: Thank you. I was lucky to be born with great skin and hair. I thank my parents and clean living and lots of sleep.


how we used to live

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It’s British Pathé Tuesday! On the eve of the Shanghai World Cup stage 1, let’s have a look at what international archery competitions used to look like…



Wuxi champion and Infinite Curve interviewee appears on BBC game show doing his thing. Boom! Enjoy.





greetings / arrows

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Beautiful 1930s Japanese woodblock print new year’s greetings card. From here: http://www.fujiarts.com/cgi-bin/item.pl?item=382322

Thanks to Rob Galo.



See above. Oh dear. Dear oh dear oh dear. Where do we start?

This production at the RSC is most notable, of course, for the fact that it’s using archery on the poster. I mean, archery is relatively incidental in Peter Pan (apart from Tootles). Clearly, this Wendy Darling-focused production is going to show her drawing a bow as a shorthand demonstration of her spunky individualism. It’s still all that Jennifer Lawrence’s fault, or something. But there’s something in the water. You can’t advertise any fantasy-based thing at the moment without someone drawing a bow, usually badly, on the poster. I mean, this Hobbit image (below) is on a cardboard DVD dump bin at the entrance to my local supermarket. A children’s production at a major theatre is picking up on it. Seems to have become a self-perpetuating meme.

And that’s all good. Bad archery is good for archery. 




Still, it’s not like selling any old thing with something healthful and awesome like archery is anything new. But you CAN get the technique right…



You can read about more of my bittersweet, mildly pointless moans about bad archery here. Thanks to Ms. Infinite Curve for finding the flyer.