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archery & fashion pt. 27

6 August, 2013


Spotted outside the J Crew store at the Biltmore Shopping Center in Phoenix, AZ by my friend Jen Turrell (who runs an amazing blog about autism and how it affects families) because she was ‘getting a new battery put in my Mac across the way’.

When I started this archery blog, I wasn’t quite intending it to be a catalogue of the gradual assimilation into mainstream culture of archery motifs, although there’s been quite a lot of that.  It seems to be a strange mix of simple cultural shorthand – the use of arrows and targets has long been used as a visual business metaphor – along with the now familiar sexing-up of archery in the last year or so, plus the fact that, of course targets and arrows and bows simply look awesome.

I actually quite like what they’ve done with the colours above, which remind me slightly more of RAF roundels than FITA targets. But I’m always a bit uneasy about the casual, shopping-mall, sell-some-chinos assimilation of archery. It’s better than that, isn’t it?