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Archery at the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games

14 September, 2016

Pics from Tuesday &  Wednesday’s call room – men’s recurve and compound. Many seeds falling, quite a lot of drama. It’s a different feel to the Olympic call room; lighter, calmer, a few more jokes – but as much at stake. Enjoy.


Dave Phillips


Ebrahim Ranjbarkivaj (on left). “Ranjbar” to his friends.




Lixue ZHAO


Hanreuchai NETSIRI


Netsiri again


Andre Shelby (& GBRs)


Jonathon Milne & friend


Alberto Simonelli


Kevin Polish


Mikey Hall

Rio 2016 Olympic Games – men’s individual

13 August, 2016

Last day in the Sambodromo. I’ve been here every day for nearly three weeks. Will be back for the Paralympics next month. Thanks for following along. – John


Taylor Worth, Ku Bonchan


Mark Dellenbach (FRA coach), Jean-Charles Valladont


Sjef van den Berg


Atanu Das


Brady Ellison



Shh. Samba time.

Ku Bonchan

Ku Bonchan


Jean-Charles Valladont

Ku Bonchan

Ku Bonchan

Brady Ellison

Brady Ellison


Ku Bonchan, JC



Rio 2016 – women’s individual finals

12 August, 2016

Chang Hyejin

Chang Hyejin

That was just extraordinary.

No-one, no one conceived anything like that. Unruh taking out the much-fancied Tan Ya-Ting who collapsed in the last 16. Unruh? And then that fabulous, unreal match when Alejandra Valencia, the giant killer, thumped Choi Misun 6-0, to deafening roars across the concrete, and everything turned upside down.

Both Choi and Ki seemed to have every expectation strapped to their backs like a millstone. Neither of them seemed entirely comfortable in any elimination match. I predicted earlier Choi would not get the final gong, but I thought Ki would step up and deliver like she has so many times, when it seems effortless.

But the pressure on them, internal or external, was just ridiculous. Chang’s shot was on point leading in to the business end and seemed to have so much less on her shoulders, although you could see the fear in her face backstage when Misun fell apart. I like to think that I’m a sympathetic, empathetic soul, but I’m still bummed that this flash quote, taken immediately after by my GSOH student reporter, got spiked by the desk:

It’s a lot of time to be out here, a long, long time to maintain concentration. Worse, there was a four-hour gap between the 1/16 rounds and the machine-gun rounds of the quarter-finals onwards, the train that goes where it goes with no more time to think. I’m guessing a lot of brooding went on in that gap. Too many thoughts, two weeks of being away in Rio, too much waiting, too many ghosts. And it left time for a capricious, djinn-like wind to grow strong and start throwing things about even more.

Choi and Ki left it somewhere else. The team medal means a great deal, but the individual title is everything to the Korean women. A chance to step up with the gods. Collectively, they still top the world; individually, the pressure to live up to the legacy was too great.

Ki kinda, almost guardedly acknowledged as much in the soft-soap press conference afterwards, at which the only minor frisson came when Chang was asked if she was going to retire after these Games. A wry smile went across her face, before she replied, in the flat tones of the translator, “That is something I’ve never thought of.”

Lisa Unruh and Alejandra Valencia brilliantly derailed the train, and Chang Hyejin, the ‘third’, the hard worker, the unlucky one, a deeply religious woman and an proud, gutsy athlete, went out there and did it. There was an aggressive snap to her shot today, a sense of power. She knew it was good.

And a special well-done to Lisa Unruh. Kept her head when all about were losing theirs, and picked up a big gong for it.

And they’re still letting me in the call room. I guess I’m there for the duration now. Last day tomorrow. Thanks for reading.  -John

Wu Jiaxin

Wu Jiaxin

Ane Marcelle Dos Santos

Ane Marcelle Dos Santos

Naomi Folkard

Naomi Folkard

Chang Hyejin

Chang Hyejin

Kang Un-ju

Kang Un-ju, coach

Lisa Unruh

Lisa Unruh

Choi Misun

Choi Misun

Alejandra Valencia

Alejandra Valencia

Ki Bo Bae

Ki Bo Bae

(Colour version of the above pic here).

more pictures from the call room

11 August, 2016

The call room is a tiny area underneath the east stand of the Sambodromo where the archers wait for their match, wait to go on stage. There’s a lot of thinking – or maybe trying not to think too much – in a very small, unglamorous space. They actually moved one ‘wall’ of it inwards due to the winds a few days ago, which makes it feel a bit more like a prison cell.

For some reason, I’m allowed in there, with a camera. I’m trying to make the most of it.


David Pasqualucci, Areneo David



Bernado Oliveira



Tan Ya-Ting


Marco Galiazzo


Zach Garrett


Caroline Aguirre


Deepika Kumari, Kristine Esubua


Yessica Camilo


Choi Misun


Patrick Huston


Choi Misun & coach


Le Chien-Ling