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the joy of Google

13 February, 2014


Some of the several thousand Google search hits that have come through to my WordPress dashboard here at theinfinitecurve.com in the past eight months or so. Italics mine.

“joy of archery” come right on in

“how much is a pitcher of beer at the lakeside frimley green?” can’t remember, had too many

“archery fog” whuh

“why is darts such a big spectator sport?” read this, third paragraph from the end

“archery sexy girl” also “sexy girl archery”… and “girl sexy archery”

“the nothing and the infinite” booom

“deaths related to archery 2013” waaahh

“ridiculousness.pec”  try it yourself

“william shatner without his toupee” not sure how 

“korean women soho london” hmmmm

“i’ve come from the the *venezuela” hola

“pulled pork kimchi rolls”  yes please

“engelbert humperdinck crazy” eh?

“be don’t try to become”  I blame Yoda

“can arrows curve in flight?” they always curve in flight

“how to say “I like archery” in korean”   양궁 처럼, natch

“curve cu alune” appears to be Romanian for… well, why don’t you try translating it?

“神主 イラスト”   never very sure of a lot of SE Asian online translation, but this appears to mean ‘Priest illustrations’

“bbc sport darts coverage is rubbish” still better than Sky, mate

and sweetest of all:

“I want to be ki bo bae” 

Just makes me wonder what gems are hiding in the 3,600 other search terms that Google hasn’t deigned to pass on.

bad archery über alles

14 January, 2014

A man after my own heart. Nikolas Lloyd on YouTube has produced an entire video detailing the bad archery, terrible combat strategies, and nitpicky errors in the 2003 miniseries Helen Of Troy. Regular readers of The Infinite Curve will note that I have frequently picked up on ‘bad archery’ in the media, e.g. here, here, and here.

Coupla points: the reason why ‘stage’ bows do that pinging, doingy release is because the string is often a rubber band, which is why the limbs barely move. The reason why they are so low-powered is so as not to kill anybody on the set! Yes, they are hoping the audience won’t know/notice. Also, you don’t necessarily need three fletchings to stabilise an arrow, it’s just that three work very well. And bows can creak; have heard longbows creak on the line and my older wooden recurve limbs do the same in damp conditions. Anyway, enjoy: