bad archery über alles

13 January, 2015

I’ve moaned about bad archery in advertising and TV etc. half a dozen times already on this blog, and recently on Facebook too. Don’t get me wrong: it doesn’t really matter, but my take on it is pretty simple: All archery is good for archery, but it’s almost as easy to get it right as wrong. Isn’t it?

Anyway, Mr. Clark over at Chucking Sticks found this extraordinary example, for a Mexican university. I’m up to seven wrongs and counting, and it’s the first one to top this Malaysian masterpiece. The caption translates as something like ‘Only when your goal is meaningful will you strive.’ I’d make the first meaningful goal to sack the advertising agency, and stop using terrible stock photo agencies who have committed other horrors.


[RANT] This is the thing: I believe people tend to recognise authenticity when it is put in front of them. When something technical is presented (especially on TV) you can always tell when you are seeing an expert doing something rather than just a model, and with archery-based ads that little gleam of reality is only going to enhance the image of rugged individualism / ‘aiming high’ / ‘hitting the target’ etc. that they are trying to project with the product. It’s not like ‘finding an archer’ is going to be the most difficult or expensive part of the production… and some advertisers have done it. [/RANT]




4 comments on “bad archery über alles

  1. Adam

    Bad archery! That’s nothing!!!

    Check out this. It’s real, public, council approved and supervised by an “archery leader”…….. Check out all the photos, including of the “archery leader”…….

    Fortunately, several real archers complained to the company, the local authorities and ArcheryGB. I suspect they got the message and hopefully Brett now knows which way around a bow should be strung (amongst other unspeakable faults)!

  2. Clayton

    Oh my word, this is the absolute best. I’m cracking up. The fact that he’s holding it upside down is too funny. There’s plenty of other problems, but you’ve got to be kidding me. It has a handle, how can you not realize there’s a freaking handle. This is just too sad and too funny.

  3. Carl

    Bicycles have a left side and right side and it drives me bonkers when they flip a photo to get a better looking layout. Or when saddles are too high/low or bars are pointed in wacky directions. Come on guys, get it right. This photo would be funny if it weren’t so sad. Someone should be given a serious talking to….

  4. Meister Yi

    The worst advertising for a long time!
    No wonder why there is trouble with the association in Mexico.
    Man is looking just not better;)


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