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15 January, 2015





“In the late Summer of 1969, as a getaway, and to begin planning his next musical endeavour, Jimi Hendrix rented a farmhouse in upstate New York near the villages of Shokan and Boiceville. There he hung out with Billy Cox, Mitch Mitchell, old Nashville friend Larry Lee and a host of other musicians, friends and hangers on, jamming, writing new music and rehearsing the band that would later play the legendary Woodstock Festival with him. This place has become known in Hendrix lore as “Shokan House.” In this series of photos taken by the late Willis Hogan we see Jimi and friends enjoying the countryside and activities around the house.”

(Note that Jimi is shooting right-handed, whereas he was famous for playing the guitar left-handed…)

Text and pictures from jimihendrixonline.com.