Shanghai – Days 2 / 3 (pics)

7 May, 2015

Was tired of Facebook compressing all the photos, so am putting the new ones and some already seen up on here instead. Full write-up to follow when I get the time. John x

Chang Hye-Jin. ©

Chang Hye-Jin. ©



Marcus Vinicius D’Almeida. ©

Alejandra Valencia. ©

Alejandra Valencia. ©

No DMZ here. ©


Dragonfly (Chinese). ©


Japan. ©

Karina Winter. ©


Choi Misun. ©


Shiva Khoramshahi. ©



Steven Weiss ©

Steven Weiss ©


Ariel Gibalaro. ©


Jake Kaminski ©


Ki Bo Bae ©

Full set of TeamGB pics here.


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  1. Matthew Jackson

    Hi I am moving to Shanghai in the new year. Could you tell me the best place where I could shoot. Is it easy to join a club and what are the costs. What are my other options like are there ranges I could go and shoot with my own equipment for example. I have seen many shooting and archery bars advertised so that is cool but if I have to use their probably beginner barebows or if it will cost $10 or more every session then there isn’t much point unless I went just for fun with friends or family. Any information on clubs, ranges or bars would be great.


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