“Describe archery in a single word.”

10 August, 2016


Samba lady, Sambodromo

At the Sambodromo, during Tuesday and Wednesday’s eliminations, athletes were asked to describe archery in a single word. This is how they replied:


Marina Canetta (Brazil)


Antonio Fernandez (Spain)


Lisa Unruh (Germany)


Tan Ya-Ting (Chinese Taipei)


Florian Floto (Germany)


Alejandra Valencia (Mexico)


Juan Rodriguez (Spain)


Gabriela Bayardo (Mexico)


Zach Garrett (USA)


Crispin Duenas (Canada)


Ku Bonchan (Korea)


Karma (Bhutan)


Guendalina Sartori (Italy)


Robin Ramaekers (Belgium)


Le Chien-Ying (Chinese Taipei)


Choi Misun (Korea)


Patrick Huston (GBR)


Laxmirani Mahji (India)

“Not easy. Oh, that’s two words. But it’s not easy!”

Comments made during Olympic 1/32 and 1/16 eliminations at the Sambodromo, Rio De Janeiro on Tuesday 9th and Wednesday 10th August 2016.  Thanks to Kendra, Catrell and the many volunteer translators who helped with this piece.


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