“kyudo with fan targets”

14 August, 2014

More Japanese archery, this one via Ronin Dave over on his blog. Apparently: “on August 4th, a Japanese archery meet is held on the shores of Lake Chuzenji near Nikko, two hours north of Tokyo. Archers gather to shoot at folding fan targets attached to small boat masts. Ogi no Mato comes from a legendary archery incident over 800 years ago when a samurai archer shot a fan off of a boat mast in response to a challenge from his enemies.”  LOVE the mega-weird mannequin.

There’s embedded English commentary. Watch and learn:


He also shares a shot of a dragonfly sitting on the tip of a bow. That’s got to be lucky, right?



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    I love the embedded history lesson (all be it brief) in the video. A pretty interesting few minutes of archery to watch. Could you make that shot? Could you do it if you’re life depended on it?


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