Archery World Championships 2013

10 October, 2013

This my favourite picture from the champs, of Maja Jager hugging her coach after winning the gold medal:



Can’t explain exactly why it’s my favourite, out of all the amazing images (thanks to Dean Alberga and Bogensport for amazing work as usual). The sheer expression of joy after all that work holding it in and controlling it.

It will also be remembered for some truly horrendous wind in the midweek. Read about what Brady and the American team had to say about it here.  And watch the compounders dealing with it here:

But this image will be the one that people remember from 2013:



It shows the last two arrows in a shoot off to decide the gold and silver medals in women’s recurve; Maja Jager’s on the left, and Xu Jing’s on the right. It’s simpler if you just watch it. Jager’s was declared the winner, and she won the gold medal. The rules say that if the shoot-off arrows are within two millimetres of each other’s distance to the centre, a second shoot-off has to take place. Jager’s is clearly closer, but the result was called very quickly, and the arrows pulled. I’m not suggesting the result was actually wrong – I’m not a judge, and I wasn’t there – but it appears close enough to warrant a more detailed inspection. Even on WA’s homepage it mentions she “won by a millimetre“. The last thing a minority sport like archery needs is even the slightest doubtful bit of judging, frankly. Not to diminish Maja Jager’s amazing achievement. Great job.



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