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New Beginnings

30 April, 2015

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So… I’m off on a big old trip. Will be working for World Archery at the Shanghai World Cup as part of the communications team. Will be updating this blog and the Facebook page where and when I can, but most of my time will be spent working on the WA news pages. After that I’m going to Korea, with just *possibly* some archery-related stuff to do when I’m there… 🙂 Yes, I am excited!

UPDATES:  I have updated the blog design with a lot of help from Dave at I Can Make You Website. If you need something building, he’s good. I went for something a bit cleaner and simpler, a bit more ‘Swiss‘. You’ll also note the awesome coloured tag buttons, and if you scroll to the bottom, try hovering over the ‘Older Posts’ and see what happens.

1497666_531174150350254_7054062997989622922_n  logo3

LOGO. Unfortunately I’ve had to retire the Rama logo, which by the way is from a fantastic book called Ramayana: Divine Loophole, which I highly recommend. One day I hope I can get the author Sanjay Patel to make me my own Rama image. Until then, right now I’m going with something very different, this more abstract, clean logo designed by Dave out of a Worcester face, which can be interpreted in a few ways. Hope you like it.

MUSIC. I’ve also added some music via Spotify. You can follow me here.  I’ve seen a few ‘archery music playlists’ around, and while all opinions of popular music are horses-for-courses, they really weren’t for me. I’ve got two playlists up at the moment. The first, ‘Outdoors’, is a collection of acoustic, folk, roots, and Americana. I was trying to grab a little of the ‘magic hour’ feeling of shooting outdoors just as the sun is coming down. Sunshine & breeze. People and the outdoors. Something like that anyway. That playlist is up on the little player below.

The second playlist is a collection of more abstract, drone, ambient and contemporary classical music, much of which I have actually listened to when shooting blank boss at home – especially trying to find something non-distracting which calms the brain but keeps you alert. So both indoors, and ‘inside’. You can find that one here. Lots of interesting stuff to discover. Email me if you want more. (PS: I don’t recommend you wear headphones on the range).

I might add some more music, or more playlists. I might rotate them. I might not. Mwuh-ha-ha-ha. Anyway, as always… enjoy. John. x