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bad archery über alles

14 January, 2014

A man after my own heart. Nikolas Lloyd on YouTube has produced an entire video detailing the bad archery, terrible combat strategies, and nitpicky errors in the 2003 miniseries Helen Of Troy. Regular readers of The Infinite Curve will note that I have frequently picked up on ‘bad archery’ in the media, e.g. here, here, and here.

Coupla points: the reason why ‘stage’ bows do that pinging, doingy release is because the string is often a rubber band, which is why the limbs barely move. The reason why they are so low-powered is so as not to kill anybody on the set! Yes, they are hoping the audience won’t know/notice. Also, you don’t necessarily need three fletchings to stabilise an arrow, it’s just that three work very well. And bows can creak; have heard longbows creak on the line and my older wooden recurve limbs do the same in damp conditions. Anyway, enjoy: