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World Cup Shanghai – GBR men

1 May, 2016

It wasn’t quite to be, but the journey was something special. The last time the GBR men’s team made a World Cup final was that glorious moment at Antalya 2012 when the men’s team beat India for gold. This week, the team of Patrick Huston, Kieran Slater and Larry Godfrey got past the Australians and the USA before being stopped – just – by the Korean boys, helped along by the noisiest support on the field.  With this trip still regarded as a ‘training week’, flights had been booked home on Saturday, and had to be hastily rearranged for Richard Priestman and the team.

Without the travelling support, in the end they ran into an Indian wall of tens. Despite rallying in the third set, and Larry finding the middle consistently, they couldn’t quite get any points on the board, but even so, the result is telling. Richard Priestman, the head coach had this to say:

“We were really up for it. I think there’s a belief coming back into the team. We’ve worked really hard this winter, a lot of positive talk, and we’ve had great support this morning from the rest of the team. We’ve created the atmosphere where we believe we can win, and it’s paying off. It was a real shame to lose to Korea by just a point, but we know we can beat big teams.”

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Patrick Huston


Kieran Slater


on stage




Patrick on the final field practice range


Team on the final field practice range





You don’t win anything with ki… oh, you do




Pic of the GBR recurve ladies too, what the hell