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23 March, 2015


Ki Bo Bae

Ki Bo Bae

The hardest archery tournament in the world. The Korea Archery Association have finished their yearly recurve selection tournament in Donghae City, a brutal week involving six 70m rounds and three days of head to head shooting – and apparently in miserably cold and rainy conditions, too. The top eight, in order, in each gender are:


1. Kim Woojin  (2011 world champion), who absolutely dominated the men’s division.

2. Lee Woo Seok  (2014 Youth Olympics champion)

3. Shin Jae Hun  (promising Korean cadet in 2008, fallen off the international radar for a few years)

4. Im Dong Hyun  (what hasn’t he won?)

5. Oh Jin Hyuk  (2012 Olympic champ, amongst much else)

6. Lee Seungyun  (2013 world champion) – had the top 70m score with 695.

7. Ku Bonchan  (brought home silverware last year)

8. Lee Seung Shin  (seems to be new on the block)


1. Ki Bo Bae  (2012 Olympic champion)

2. Jeon Sungeun  (Team LH pro, Bangkok 2014 indoor champion, 2013 WA Youth champion, 2013 Vegas shoot champ too)

3. Chang Hye Jin  (Team LH pro, 2014 Antalya individual champion, 2014 Asian Games team gold)

4. Choi Mi Seon  (20 years old, and on the Guangzhou University team – that’s all I’ve got)

5. Heung Soo Nam  (Cheongju City Hall team)

6. Lee Tuk Young  (2006 and 2014 Asian Games team gold medallist)

7. Kang Chae Young  (was a cadet in 2011)

8. Park Mi Kyung  (last seen on the international stage in 2003!)

Archers who didn’t make the cut include veterans Yun Ok Hee and Joo Hyun Jung (who has apparently retired), and perhaps most surprisingly, Jung Dasomi, last year’s Asian Games individual champion. There are further warmup tournaments next month which narrow down the eight to a front-line four that will likely contest the big events.

The biggest story of all is the triumphant return of Ki Bo Bae, after failing to make the 2014 squad due to a shoulder injury. She had maintained considerable form, managing to shoot a 1391 FITA last year for her pro team – even though a TV news piece at the end of last year hinted she might be retiring from international archery. Also, Im Dong Hyun, who was slightly in the wilderness in 2014, has achieved a truly staggering 13th consecutive selection for the national team.

Lee Woo Seok. Photo: Xinhua

Lee Woo Seok. Photo: Xinhua

It’s an interesting mix of familiar faces, veterans and youngsters; the real ones to watch might be the young wunderkinds Choi Mi Seon, who was leading the ranking round for two days, and Youth Olympic champion Lee Woo Seok (who, rumour has it, scored 710 for a 70m round earlier this year). If they deliver this season, who would actually bet against an Olympic medal next year?

News piece here (in Korean).


EDIT: and here they all are (via the KAA)



18 February, 2015


仁 愛 德 行 / 인 애 덕 행 - "Be seen as a model of love and virtue."

仁 愛 德 行 / 인 애 덕 행 – “Be seen as a model of love and virtue.”


 誠 實 謙 遜   /  성 실 겸 손 - "Act with humbleness and honesty."

誠 實 謙 遜 / 성 실 겸 손 – “Act with humbleness and honesty.”


自 重 節 操  /   자 중 절 조  - ""You should solidly protect your integrity with discreet behaviour."

自 重 節 操 / 자 중 절 조 – “”You should solidly protect your integrity with discreet behaviour.”


禮 儀 嚴 守  /  예 의 엄 수 - "Be courteous."

禮 儀 嚴 守 / 예 의 엄 수 – “Be courteous.”


廉直果敢  /  염직과감 - "When in a position of power, act with integrity."

廉直果敢 / 염직과감 – “When in a position of power, act with integrity.”


習 射 無 言  /   습 사 무 언 - "When there is shooting, don't speak."

習 射 無 言 / 습 사 무 언 – “When there is shooting, don’t speak.”


正 心 正 己  / 정 심 정 기 - "Have a straight mind and a straight body."

正 心 正 己 / 정 심 정 기 – “Have a straight mind and a straight body.”


 不 怨 勝 者  /   불 원 승 자 - "Do not resent someone who wins." Photo used with permission from www.ArgeeImages.ca

不 怨 勝 者 / 불 원 승 자 – “Do not resent someone who wins.”
Photo used with permission from ArgeeImages.ca


莫 灣 他 弓  /  막 만 타 궁 - "Do not touch another's bow."

莫 灣 他 弓 / 막 만 타 궁 – “Do not touch another’s bow.”

Texts from Martin Sadlon’s site at KT Archery. RIP, Martin. You can find more information about Korean traditional archery there, and also here.

Special thanks to Kim miK, and Tobias. 

why they win pt. 253

4 January, 2015

oh 2

On New Year’s Day, the KAA reported that they had sent the entire recurve squad hiking up Mount Bulam-san in northeastern Seoul, before dawn, accompanied by the training staff. The slightly breathless journalist who accompanied this onerous publicity stunt said:

“Our National Archery Team started off the new year with a hike up Mount Bulam-san a symbol of their resolution and dedication as the world’s best. Reporter Jung Chan Lee accompanied them…. At the dawn of 2015, the archery team were the first ones up and about in the Taerung (the Korean National Training Center). After layering up for the cold (-12ºC /10ºF) at 5:30 AM, they started out in a strong gait towards Mount Bulam-san, shouting “Fighting!”.

After an hour of hiking passed, sweat drops began to form on their faces despite the frigid winds that slapped against them. “The water’s frozen,” they exclaimed.

oh 2 oh chang  f

Soon, the sky begins to light up, as does the countenances of the archery team. They have finally reached the top.

But the happiness was not to last for long as they quickly realized that there was no place to hide from the freezing winds at the top of the mountain. Such is their current stature in archery: fierce winds of rivalry storm towards them, as is the fate of those at the top of the world rankings.

Oh Jin-Hyuk said: “It is difficult to advance further when you stand at the top, but I believe that everything will turn out for the best.”


Chang Hye Jin said: “With your support and love, we will strive to defend our title as the world’s best.”

The National Team declared their year’s resolution, as they enter the world championships to compete for entry to the 2016 Olympics in Rio, in one voice: “ARCHERY IS FUN!”

They say that those who enjoy what they do can’t be beat; the national archery team resolved to the first sunrise with a joyful heart that they will protect their position at the top.”

(via Chosun TV). Thanks to Grace Kim for translation. Watch it here:



ki bo bae (again)

11 July, 2014


Ki Bo Bae news! Her Gwangju City Hall pro team won the first “Olympic commemorative’ 31st Hoejanggi College archery competition” a couple of weeks ago, with the team racking up 4126 points in qualifying. Ki Bo Bae shot a 1391 FITA in qualifying, beating the tournament record. No one in Europe or America has ever shot that score, if I have checked correctly.

1391 and not in the national team anymore. Only in Korea. Still, good to see that comeback is still on…