What does it say on Choi Misun’s quiver?

16 December, 2016

Choi Misun Quiver card

Choi Misun’s quiver card

Was looking through the year’s photos, and I noticed this from the Odense World Cup final in Denmark. It’s a laminated card attached to Choi Misun’s quiver. Either I’d not noticed it before, or it was new – either way, I zoomed in voyeuristically for a shot.
This week I asked a Korean friend to translate what it says on it.  It’s weirdly simple:

1. Hold the left grip
2. Aim accurately
3. Maintain the bow arm until the end when shooting
4. Have trust and shoot confidently!

I guess that’s all it takes to be the world number one. Unless she’s trolling everybody? 🙂

You can have a look at what it says in Ki Bo Bae’s notebook here.  What does it say in yours?


4 comments on “What does it say on Choi Misun’s quiver?

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  2. rasherquivers

    That’s pretty cool! A checklist of things to pay attention to during your shot. I use to keep a note card with the entire shot sequence on it in my pocket. When things weren’t going well, I would run through the checklist to see where I may be messing up. It really helped me find my errors quickly which is really important in an archery competition setting.

  3. IKJ

    I’ve seen one that says “To win: Aim in the right place, anchor in the right place and don’t f*** up the release.”. Simple really.


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