Mauro Nespoli on the Olympics

13 April, 2016

A great extended interview with Mauro Nespoli of the Italian team, in two parts. It brings up an issue I wasn’t previously aware of: at least some of the competition in Rio will be under artificial light, sunset being around 5.30pm in August. Naturally he and the rest of the Italian squad are training accordingly.

If there’s an Italian archer out there who can translate, I think the English-speaking archery world would be your friend.  But if you don’t speak Italian, Google Chrome auto-translate is your friend. Or the Google Translate add-on for Firefox. Or whatever they do on Safari. Oh, you’re still using Internet Explorer? Just get out.

Read it here:

“…we are at the Sambodromo, which is closed on both sides and you will not see big wind. But the unfavorable conditions are given by the early darkness; we are not used to competing under artificial light , and we’ve found a number of problems in this sense. The artificial lights create a series of problems and references to the viewfinder while shooting, this has bothered me a lot in that race, and then I carried on through the winter training with artificial light or in the dark in order to understand how they change the feelings, grasp the nuances and not get caught unprepared, understanding if the perceived through sight is real or a dangerous game of shadows… “




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