Joining forces!

6 January, 2017


So it’s all change for 2017. Me and Dean Alberga are joining forces under the Dutch Target banner.

I’ve been working with Dean on various international events for a couple of years now, and he’s been the same absolute gent that many of you have met over the years. We are both running archery blogs, and it seemed a little odd to be working at cross purposes, as it were, so, after a fair bit of discussion, we’ve decided to meet in the middle and create something even bigger and better.

The blogging will be under Dutch Target, but the Facebook page is staying the same, and The Infinite Curve will remain up with everything still there. Most importantly (haha), I’m staying the same – am going to continue to provide independent coverage for archery. I’m very glad so many of you have enjoyed what I’ve done so far, and I’ll carry that on just as long as I’m able.

I’m really looking forward to this new venture in such a big year for archery and looking forward to seeing where it leads. I hope you are too! John x

One comment on “Joining forces!

  1. wildlifewatcher

    Congratulations on this decision. I expect the same excellence in the blog and am sure I will continue seeing it. I love reading international archery news and blurbs about what others feel and do! Nice!


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