ki bo bae (again)

11 July, 2014


Ki Bo Bae news! Her Gwangju City Hall pro team won the first “Olympic commemorative’ 31st Hoejanggi College archery competition” a couple of weeks ago, with the team racking up 4126 points in qualifying. Ki Bo Bae shot a 1391 FITA in qualifying, beating the tournament record. No one in Europe or America has ever shot that score, if I have checked correctly.

1391 and not in the national team anymore. Only in Korea. Still, good to see that comeback is still on…

5 comments on “ki bo bae (again)

  1. Carl

    Good for her! GREAT score! But PARK Sung-Hyun shot a 1405(?). Only woman to ever shoot over 1400 (I think). Nice piece, thanks – Carl

  2. The Infinite Curve

    Yes, that’s still the world record. She also holds the 70m round record. I checked the results from Europe and North America and no man or woman has ever shot 1391 or higher. European records are 1365 by Roman Girouille and 1369 by Natalia Valeeva. The men’s world record is only 1387 (although that is 90, 70, 50 30m rather than 70, 60, 50, 30 of course). If anyone has different information, let me know!


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